Weed or Flower? It’s a Matter of Perspective

“I want to get a motorcycle. It’ll be fun!” J stated these words when we had been married for about 8 years. Since he had supported most of my whims (everything within reason), I was on board; after all, who doesn’t want to have fun?!

It has been fun. There are a few stories we will tell about our motorcycle trips, but for today I would like to point out one thing I really like about the motorcycle. It changes your perspective. I know you were thinking I was going to say the sound of the pipes as the engine revs, or the gorgeous glitter paint job, or the feeling of freedom. All those things are great, but perspective was brought home in a very real way on our last motorcycle trip in search of Texas wildflowers.

When you are driving or riding in the car there is a tendency to “check out”, but on the motorcycle, you have to be more aware of your surroundings because you don’t have a “steel cage” protecting you. Thus, you notice more things than you notice in the car. Pay more attention to the cars, to the sides of the road. A varmint running across the road (or a soccer ball rolling) in a car will not matter so much, but on the bike, the consequences are much greater. Yes, that soccer ball rolling out in front of us is a story for another time!

Your perspective on the motorcycle gives you an up close and personal view. You see things you will miss in the car.

weeds along the roadside?


Take a look at this picture.

From where I’m sitting, there are a bunch of weeds on the side of the road. They are kind of pretty, but you might wonder why they are left to grow so high. Why not mow those things down? Their pollen is strong and they are just spreading seeds everywhere.

In the car, you might be driving 70 miles per hour and not see anything but a blur of weeds. Since we were on a hunt for Texas wildflowers we stopped to enjoy the beauty around us. When I got closer I began to see details I missed from farther away. This picture, taken of the same weeds, shows the delicate beauty of the flowers.

Now let’s apply that same principle to life. Let’s face it, we might be zooming by a lot of weeds; just trying desperately to get to the other side of the weeds with greener grass. Not all of life’s circumstances are beautiful, some are extremely ugly. But when we stop and take a step closer and search for the beauty I dare say we can always find at least one thing beautiful in the middle of the ugly.

Next week I will share a story of how changing perspective allowed me to see beauty in a very ugly season filled with weeds.

Some of our favorites